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[RELEASE] Immortals: Kingdom of Heroes - Health and Stamina Hack


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I will explain one the most simple methods that works perfectly when Hacking some games in this case we will hack the Immortals: Kingdom of Heroes Game on Facebook. This game is very very similar with the Marvel Avengers Alliance but it is not that shitty protected and it allowes many stuff to be done i will begin with the most important... The Health and Stamina...

First you will need Cheat Engine 6.3 -
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Here are the steps:
1. Start Cheat Engine
2. Start your Game and Enter a fight
3. When all is calm go back to CE and select your process with the small monitor Icon in the top left corner right under File menu.
4. I suggest you use the Mozilla Firefox it is much easier to work with and to find the right process and it has less bugs
5. If you use mozilla and you have Windows XP you should look for a process called plugin-container.exe
6. If you use mozilla and you have Windows Vista or Above look for a process called FlashPlayerPlugin_xx_xxx_xxx.exe
where the "x" is actually a number for you flash player version. If you have this process they will be 2 of them not 1 so in reality the first one is the support for the flash player and it has nothing to do with the games what so ever. You should ALWAYS CHOOSE THE SECOND ONE... NOT THE FIRST... THE ONE BELLOW IS YOUR PROCESS...
7. Assuming you have 3 heroes in the game they all have Values for Health and Stamina so you should scan for both if you want for them to have endless amounth from both of them Smile
8. In Cheat Engine press FILE>ADD SCAN TAB  or Press CTRL+T until you have 6 scan Tabs within the CE. right click on each of them and rename them with the name of the hero and the Value it will correspond to. Why is that well with so many values and later functions you might get very confused so it will be easier if you have them named.
9. In each one of them do the following.
10. Use 4 bytes as a scan method and input the health and click First Scan and so on for all other heroes and values.
11. Do some actions with one hero once a stat hase changed go to the Tab where it belongs input the new value and press Next Scan... Repeat this action for all heroes until each stat has narrowed the search to not more than 3 results.
12. If you are affraid you might die and you already know the values of your hero, then bring them down by highlighting all of the choices remained and press the Red Arrow Button. Then just Highlight the again and Change the Value of it to the number you want... Attention do not freeze the values or the game may crash...
13. once the Fight is over and you have collected all the values start a new Fight notice that now for each previous value there are some that do not show our actual results that was our point delete the values that are obviously incorrect the other once leave.
14. The values that are left should now be 6 if you have 3 heroes in the play Highligh the values and input a value you would like then when you are done Just Press SPACEBAR to freeze them now or you can freeze them by checking the CHECKBOXES in front of each value.
15. Now as long as you don not change your hearoes with others These will never die and never loose theyr Stamina as well...

I hope i helped ENJOY...



I thought you are selling Marvel Avengers Alliance CP glitch.


BrandonZ201 wrote:I thought you are selling Marvel Avengers Alliance CP glitch.



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me dont undestend Very Happy lol joke

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