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[RELEASE] NFS World REDEEM CODE - Lamborghini Miura FREE

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Need for Speed World Facebook page made a little ove 1.000.000 Likes so as a reward they gave a free Redeem code for a very beautiful Classic car - the Lamborghini Miura Concept i must only add this whoever is a fan of the Italian Auto industry or at least Lamborghini that now is in Italy but it is Owned by AUDI Group should have this car people that choose to not take advatage of this will loose the advantage of owning this amazing classinc Automobile... That car was made orginaly from bottom up by the founder of Lamborghini - mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini... For all that do not knew this LAMBORGHINI bulded Tractors not cars before it started a so called WAR OF QUALITY FAST CARS with the Ferrari's owner at the time mr. Enzo Ferrari... As a result Lamborghini even today makes Tractors but sadly the main Car Factory had to be sold in the 90's do to bad financial problems and so AUDI GROUP bought it... Officialy the contract was done in the early 2000's but the agreements and bussines talks with Audi have began somewhere in 1998 the only thing to follow is to keep the Lambo doors at all times the Lambo Engine and Construction Ingeneers to keep the name of the car and to carry theyr LEGACY and i think they are doing it just fine :)Here is the code now Smile 


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